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SCRUBBER DRIER HYGIENE: Research into the spread of microorganisms by scrubber driers into the ambient air

VSR has commissioned research into the possible spread of micro-organisms by scrubber driers, which are then spread in the air together with dirt. The results of the study are now available for everyone.

The question posed by the Technical Committee of the Cleaning Research Association (VSR)
is if microorganisms (along with dirt) are removed from the floor and then spread in the air during the use of scrubber driers.

Theoretically, this is possible, as a result of which the environment can quickly become contaminated. Because there is no information about the situation in the Netherlands, VSR has conducted an investigation into whether and to what extent the ambient air is contaminated with microorganisms when using scrubber driers.

The study did not reveal any evidence that scrubbing:

• spreads microorganisms removed from the floor into the ambient air and

• that users / residents of a room where scrubbing takes place and / or the person operating the scrubber drier run a hygienic risk as a result.

Download the brochure to read the entire study.