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The influence of cleaning quality on employee productivity in office environments of non-commerical organizations in the Netherlands

Organizations are increasingly concentrating on the core activities of the Organization, also called the primary process. Thus, the activities that do not belong to the primary process often receive less attention. The performance of cleaning is one example. The costs incurred in the implementation of the cleaning are compared to bids from other suppliers on the market. A possible saving of costs on cleaning then seems feasible. The danger here is that a low price becomes the determining factor in choosing who can perform the cleaning operations without looking at the content of the service. This can result in a deterioration of the cleaning quality.

16 februari 2017
The influence of activity on indoor fungal levels. A novel technique for simulating disturbed conditions

Obtaining accurate representations of airborne viable fungal levels indoors is complicated by different sampling methodologies and internal and external variables and conditions. The concentrations and composition of airborne fungal spora indoors can vary widely both temporally and spatially. Various studies have shown that human activity has a significant effect on the concentrations of microorganisms isolated during sampling. These studies often require the occupant to be present within the sampling environment, or to be in the process of an activity, or involve complex ways of simulating human activity (dancing, walking, shuffling papers) or disturbed conditions (utilising specialised vibration equipment), most of which are difficult to reproduce. The methodology described in this study, to simulate activity/disturbed conditions, had to be easy to replicate, and equipment utilised readily accessible and affordable. Results showed strong and significant correlations with consistently higher concentrations of airborne viable fungal spores resuspended from carpets in the study homes. Indoor activity ratios (I:A) developed in this study, can serve a similar function as indoor outdoor ratios (I:O), in providing a better indication of fungal change and possible indoor sources.

1 januari 2005 Cheong, C. VSR indoor, air, schoonmaak, reinigen, kuisen